Being able to get around on their own gives your baby a great sense of power and accomplishment, which is a huge boost to their self-esteem. It also opens a whole new world up to a ton of new discoveries leading the way to more complex movements, such as pulling up to stand, walking, and eventually running. Once your baby is in motion, expect them to explore anything and everything within their reach. We at Mokksies understand this and have designed a very simple shoe that matches and moves with your baby's mischievous foot movements.

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"Beautifully made adorable shoes for babies! I’m very glad I bought a pair because they have that all important soft sole that’s so integral for a little child taking her first steps. They do not restrict the sole as it tries to mould to the surface it’s walking on while still offering a firm grip and safety. My favourite feature apart from the cute designs is the fact that they don’t fall off easily! Such a relief to know that we can go out and come back with both shoes intact!" -Sanya Shaila "The moccasins are really comfortable, soft and can be styled with most outfits!! My daughter refused to take them off even after we got home:) The sizing is perfect!!" -Janani Dinesh  

"Thanku so much for the lovely shoes. My little one just loved it and I bet the photo with the smile on his face tells u this.. I believe mokksies just doesn't create excellent quality footwear for kids but also produces shoes providing comfort , support and stability for my baby's feet. Personally for me , when it comes to a brand synonymous with great footwear for babies, Mokksies would be at the forefront. <3 Mokksies" -Shweta Gosar "My son is in love with his bright red pair and absolutely refuses to take them off. They are sturdy yet pliable and seem very comfortable for all their antics and monkeying around. I would love for a bright yellow or a patterned pair next time around (get bigger sizes!)" -Sandhya Krishnan 


Most children’s shoes were being designed with a similar approach like designing adult shoes. It must ‘LOOK’ good! The needs of a constantly developing baby foot were rarely considered such as room, comfort, lightness, flexibility etc. This glaring design flaw inspired an idea and soon enough, Mokksies was born!

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